Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tree of Life

Minister Lisa Kim has adopted a lot on the bustling corner of North Ave and Collington. 
She has been conducting all her services outside on this lot.
 Additionally,  Minister Kim and Colleen Spriggs hold multiple food and clothing give away days on the space. Many members of the community assist with maintenance such as grass cutting, but they desire more funding to edge the space with roses and/or a fence. Filling in empty tree pits would also give a sense of serenity to the garden. The largest necessity is some form of cover for the approaching winter season.

The Lot.

The community secures these lawn chairs on the space for services.

Minister Kim with members of the Tree of Life ministry.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meet the Power in Dirt Team- Kristen!

Kristen is a recent graduate of Hood College with degrees in Law & Society and Studio Art. She is excited to get other programs involved with Power in Dirt and hopes to do some work on murals while helping communities turn their neighborhoods into beautiful and safe places to be!
Kristen represents South/SouthWest Baltimore. She works out of Bon Secours at 26 N Fulton Ave and can be reached at kristen@powerindirt.com or 410-362-3185.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pen Lucy Gets a New Pocket Park!

On Saturday July 28th, residents of the North Baltimore neighborhood of Pen-Lucy came together with volunteers from across Maryland to help transform a vacant lot in their neighborhood. The lot, located at the intersection of Frisby St. and Argonne Drive just east of Greenmount Ave., has been vacant and weed-filled for decades. However, the lot is large, flat, and located on a prominent location right at the entrance to the community. Recognizing this potential, members of the Pen-Lucy Action Network, a neighborhood improvement organization affiliated with the Faith Christian Fellowship, got together to transform the lot into a green space that the entire community could enjoy. Spearheaded by Tim Cannon, PLAN created a proposal to turn the lot into a small neighborhood "pocket park" that would both beautify the neighborhood and create a community space for everyone to enjoy. On Saturday the first step was taken towards this goal, as volunteers cleaned trash and brush from the lot, cut the grass, and started to install a split-rail fence around the property. Another work day is planned for September to continue on the progress that was made in July. While plenty of work remains to be done, the Frisby St. lot already exemplifies the way that hardworking, committed neighbors can help to transform their community.
the lot

volunteers start to clean brush and debris from the back of the lot
 starting to build the fence
 a neighbor and his dog already enjoying the lot
The finished product! Next step, plants, benches, and a walkway!