Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get Some Free Trees from Power in Dirt!

If you are looking for some trees to plant in your adopted lot, Power in Dirt can help!

Here is some information about the trees we have available:

American Linden
Clusters of creamy yellow, fragrant flowers in early summer.   
Full sun to partial shade; moist, well drained soils; tolerant of alkaline soils.

Black Gum
Glossy green leaves that turn scarlet; regular horizontal branching is attractive in winter.  
Full sun; moist, well drained soils; tolerates dry and wet sites; slightly acid soil.

Red Maple
Clusters of small, red flowers in early spring; red or yellow fall color. 
Full sun to light shade; prefers slightly moist, slightly acid soils; tolerates wet sites.

Eastern Redbud
Bright, magenta pink flowers in spring, produced in large quantity; yellow fall color; mildly shaggy bark shows up well in winter.   
Full sun to partial shade; moist, well-drained soil (trees in full sun may need more water); tolerates 
alkaline soils.

  Honey Locust
Compound leaves with small leaflets, leading to a dappled shade under the tree; autumn color usually yellow.   
Full sun; moist, well drained soil; tolerates drought, high pH, and salt.

If you are interested in obtaining any trees or have any questions, please contact 
john@powerindirt.com, (410 )448-5663 ext 122  or
tara@powerindirt.com, (410) 448-5663 ext 120

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Photos from the Garden Sign Making Event

This past Saturday, Nov 9th, Power in Dirt held a free Garden Sign Making Event at the Poppleton Children's & Community Garden. The weather was amazing, as were the signs created. We had about 40 people come out to support the event and 40 new garden signs were made. 

We hope everyone had a wonderful time and Power in Dirt hopes to have the event again soon!

    Community groups gather together to paint signs for their gardens.

Community members hard at work, constructing and painting.

    Members from the Poppleton Community Garden start to paint a sign.

A big thanks to Falkenhans Hardware, Belle Hardware, Sirkis Hardware, and Art with a Heart who donated their time and supplies to make this event a success.

Volunteers from Art with a Heart happily finishing a sign.

 Lennox St Community Garden shows off their new sign.
A family from Franklin Square displays their new garden signs.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact 
john@powerindirt.com, (410 )448-5663 ext 122  or
tara@powerindirt.com, (410) 448-5663 ext 120