Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meet Our Team - Anna! Coordinator for Southwest Baltimore

Anna E. Evans-Goldstein coordinates for Power in Dirt in Southwest Baltimore. She is stationed at Bon Secours Community Works and serves the neighborhoods of Sandtown-Winchester, Harlem Park, Rosemont Homeowners Tenants, Shiply Hill, Booth-Boyd, Mill Hill, Carrollton Ridge, New Southwest Mt. Clare, Union Square, Franklin Square, Hollins Market, and Poppleton. You can reach her at (410) 362-3185 or

Anna grew up in Baltimore, MD. She grew up going to neighborhood association meetings with her Mother, who was the President of their neighborhood group for as long as Anna can remember. These community meetings paved the way for her to be interested in community development. She went to college in Portland, Oregon, where everything is green and plants grow without much help in the constantly wet Pacific Northwest. Returning to Baltimore at the beginning of 2011, Anna is excited to bring her love of green things together with her love for Baltimore and building strong and healthy communities. Her favorite plants are aloe vera and any medicinal herbs. She loves free information, sharing, and yoga.


Power in Dirt is a Baltimore City Mayoral initiative building capacity in Baltimore City neighborhoods for community groups and residents to adopt city-owned vacant lots and turn them into community managed green and open spaces. You can find out more about this program and look at a comprehensive list of all city-owned vacant lots available for adoption at 

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