Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Missing- Exeter Garden!

Our beautiful, fun-loving, pure-bred bathtub went missing on April 24th, 2012 from the lot on Exeter Street and Lombard. We only left it on its own for a moment! 

The lot is the future site of Exeter Gardens - a new urban food farm for the Jonestown community - and we pushed and pulled our tub there so we could start growing fruits and vegetables in it. But after all that trouble and effort, our tub has disappeared. 

Though the loss makes us sad, we are looking forward to the fall when Exeter Gardens will be built in full - see the reverse side of this poster for an awesome site plan! Until then, and all through the summer, we'll be growing fruits and vegetables, sprouts and spices, leafy greens and tasty tubers, using anything that takes our fancy to grow them in. If you have something you think would make a good planter for the garden, let us know - filing cabinets, tin-cans, teapots, wooden crates, lunch pails. We'll even take another bathtub, though we'll never forget our own. 

Be a part of making Exeter Gardens a reality! Let your imagination run wild!

And if you do see our tub, let us know and treat it kindly - it likes warm baths and an occasional scratch behind the taps with a nice, soft loofah.

Get in touch:

Lindsay Thompson, 410-935-3709
Hasdai Westbrook, 443-801-7477

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