Monday, July 9, 2012

Sol Food at Exeter Gardens

A roving band of vagabonds arrived at Exeter Gardens (see previous post) this past friday! Sol Food is a skilled team four friends on a greening tour across the country. 

Their mission statement-

"Sol Food advocates for locally grown food and alternative energy sources. Through a series of educational workshops and exhibitions our goal is to empower under-represented communities, from kindergarten to young adults, with hands-on practice in square foot gardening, creative reuse, and non-traditional energy sources. Sol Food’s national tour is focused on promoting individual education hoping to encourage a broader range of healthy and responsible ecological choices that lead to more sustainable lifestyles. "

On the work day,  Sol Food  set about installing plants grown in the back of their own veggie oil powered tour bus (with a green roof, of course!) The plants were put in raised beds that were built on site. They also created a street mural with kids from the neighborhood. 
Lucky Jonestown!

A peek inside the bus......

Cucumbers growing inside!

PID Coordinator Gigi Rosen with Sol Food's Dylan Hammond.

PID Coordinator Joe Huennekens inspects the bus greenhouse.

Raised beds boarder Exeter Gardens.

Street mural done by neighborhood kids.

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