Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Art Garden in Hollins Market!

Cassandra Kapsos and her husband Eric have recently begun a vacant lot project in Hollins Market! As an artist herself, Cassandra has the goal of turning their space into a public art and green space. She has already installed some of her own artwork into the garden.

When I asked Eric what kind of impact he though the garden was having on the community, he told me something interesting. “We had a part of our garden that we called the untouched triangle.  In this spot we didn't cut down the weeds or throw away the trash.  It was very obvious that people would throw more trash into the untouched triangle than they would our kept up area.  People seem to respect the work that we do there and in turn they respect this small part of the neighborhood better than they otherwise would.”

This couple is clearly having a positive impact on their community. They have been awarded the “Love Your Block with Trees” grant and will receive about seven trees to plant in their garden and in tree pits in the surrounding area.

Cassandra has had a difficult time finding artists to display their artwork due to the not for profit nature of the exhibit. Any artists interested in displaying their work can contact Cassandra at cassandrakapsos@gmail.com.

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