Thursday, January 24, 2013

Broadway East Work Day

Planting trees

Power in Dirt partnered with the Baltimore Wake Up ( to help revitalize a vacant block in East Baltimore. Check out a celebrity appearance from The Wire's Sonja Sohn!
Group picture with Sonja Sohn (center)
More than 80 people volunteered on 5 work days for a total of 225 hours worked over the course of the 8 week initiative.

The group, headed by the New Broadway East Community Association, planted 10 trees and 800 bulbs, removed trash and overgrowth, and built a scenic walkway through the lot.


The Baltimore Wake Up project was developed by the non-profits ReWired for Change and the violence prevention program Why Murder? Through the WakeUp, community groups get technical assistance from coaches with expertise in a community improvement area and grants to conduct neighborhood improvement projects.

Ten trees have found a new home


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