Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You can dance, you can dance...

Everybody look at your MANTS! 

That's MANTS, not to be confused with PANTS: This year we got the opportunity to check out the Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show (, an opportunity for vendors to display their plant materials to buyers and plant enthusiasts. The Baltimore Convention center was filled to capacity for three days with thousands upon thousands of plants, ranging in size from tiny flowers to three-story high trees! The last day, Power in Dirt solicited donations from vendors and collected a total of 46 plants, including shrubs, flowers, and trees. CGRN and Parks and People Foundation's Environmental Education program were also successful in collecting donations, and we're all excited about getting them out into you gardens, parks, and schools as the weather warms up.

GiGi organizes the group of MANTS plants at their temporary home.

Our newly acquired conifer collection.

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  1. Hey. Gigi. It's Laura in LA. Congratulations on keeping your MANTS on.